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Linux Mind Mapping and Project Management Software

Linux Mind Mapping and Project Management Software: Just ran into the article on linux.about.com, it’s kind of interesting. http://linux.about.com/od/softorther/fl/Mind-Mapping-with-Freemind.htm And a few project management software projects the article links to: OpenProj, TaskJuggler, Project Open, DeskAway, Wrike, ACE Project … Advertisements

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ARM Tiny Linux Emulated in QEMU

Free Electrons has an excellent example of a tiny ARM Linux demo that runs in QEMU. The footprint, including everything, is about 2.1 M.┬áThe full text below is for your convenience, be sure to visit the original site. From this … Continue reading

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Chromebook Verified Boot and Recovery

In my previous blog the steps to install a Linux distribution is explained in detail. The major technology behind it, is the Chromium OS design of verified boot and recovery.

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Acer Chromebook Linux Installation

Chrombooks are becoming popular. It makes a decent netbook if installed with a mainstream Linux distribution. The Acer C7 is just a rebranded Aspire One AO756-2461. Because Chromebooks use a special BIOS that can’t boot a normal Linux, a special … Continue reading

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Umount Device Failure with Device or resource is busy error message

See this blog. Might be a few reasons: Device is busy with open files. Use “lsof /mnt/test” to show which file is opened by which process (assume /mnt/test is the mounting point). Then use “kill -9 pids” to stop the … Continue reading

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Dr Dobbs Volatile The Multithreaded Programmers Best Friend

Check this out, it ties a volatile qualifier into the C++ type system thus use of volatile is type checked at compile. How exactly it is done? … http://www.drdobbs.com/cpp/volatile-the-multithreaded-programmers-b/184403766

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NetBeans Setup and GNU Cross-Toolchain Configuration for ARM Developmen

My previous post showed how to setup for ARM cross development in Eclipse. Similarly NetBeans can easily setup to host ARM development too. Here is how you can do it on a Windows machine.

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