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Dr Dobbs Volatile The Multithreaded Programmers Best Friend

Check this out, it ties a volatile qualifier into the C++ type system thus use of volatile is type checked at compile. How exactly it is done? … http://www.drdobbs.com/cpp/volatile-the-multithreaded-programmers-b/184403766 Advertisements

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Linux on ARM Cortex M3 Processor and in QEMU

ARM has ported linux to the Cortex M3 microprocessor. See the linux link on arm site. Update 2012-9-26: How to run it in QEMU.

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Eclipse Setup and GNU Cross-Toolchain Configuration for ARM Development

Eclipse is not easy to setup to use a new toolchain. The information from the Managed Build System Extensibility Document will sure point anyone to the right direction. However, most people prefer a pre-built solution.

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ARM Processors Are Making Mainstream

Embedded systems have been the most important users of processors in terms of number of processors that have used. Considering a few factors, LPC1343 (Olimex LPC P1343) and LPC1769 (NXP OM13000) development boards are something any embedded developers may want … Continue reading

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Linux Kernel Information Resources

The Linux Device Driver book is a great resource. In addition to the LDD book, the training course documents at free-electrons.com has rich background details about Linux, Kernel, especially embedded applications. There all the course materials are open sourced. Quite … Continue reading

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Realtime Linux Application with PREEMPT_RT Kerenl Configuration

In linux kernel, enabling PREEMPT_RT will provide bounded latencies and realtime APIs. Besides configuring PREEMPT_RT, the SCHED_FIFO and SCHED_RR policies also need to be selected. And the applications need to set realtime parameters by calling appropriate APIs or by using … Continue reading

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A Perfect Tablet for $200

With an perfectly legal software fix, a $200 Nook can be turned into a perfect tablet. Here is the original article by Brett Arends on WSJ, and the instructions of how-to. Yes, perfectly legal, but doing it may void the … Continue reading

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