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Linux Mind Mapping and Project Management Software

Linux Mind Mapping and Project Management Software: Just ran into the article on, it’s kind of interesting. And a few project management software projects the article links to: OpenProj, TaskJuggler, Project Open, DeskAway, Wrike, ACE Project … Advertisements

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Fedora on Acer C7 Chromebook

Originally posted on c7fedora – Fedora on Acer C7 Chromebook:
Chromebooks are a great budget laptop or netbook when running Linux. Many people prefer Fedora over Ubuntu. So far there has only been the fantastic ChrUbuntu project that allows…

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Using Newlib in ARM bare metal programs

Originally posted on Freedom Embedded:
When dealing with embedded software, I often find useful to have the standard C functions we all learn during our first programming course: printf, malloc, getchar, strncpy, … A common way to have them is…

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Hello world for bare metal ARM using QEMU

Originally posted on Freedom Embedded:
Last time I wrote about writing and debugging bare metal ARM software using the CodeSourcery toolchain. Now I want to exploit QEMU’s emulation of a complete system and create the simplest “Hello world!” example. The…

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Emulating ARM PL011 serial ports

Originally posted on Freedom Embedded:
QEMU is able to emulate ARM systems with multiple serial ports, for example the Versatile PB. It has the ability to direct them to many types of host resources such as standard I/O, a pseudo-terminal…

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ARM Tiny Linux Emulated in QEMU

Free Electrons has an excellent example of a tiny ARM Linux demo that runs in QEMU. The footprint, including everything, is about 2.1 M.┬áThe full text below is for your convenience, be sure to visit the original site. From this … Continue reading

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Chromebook Verified Boot and Recovery

In my previous blog the steps to install a Linux distribution is explained in detail. The major technology behind it, is the Chromium OS design of verified boot and recovery.

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