Using Newlib in ARM bare metal programs

Really great and very detailed series of artistic work on ARM and emulation.

Freedom Embedded

When dealing with embedded software, I often find useful to have the standard C functions we all learn during our first programming course: printf, malloc, getchar, strncpy, …
A common way to have them is using Newlib. Newlib is an implementation of the standard C library that is specifically thought to run somewhere with low resources and undefined hardware. The idea of Newlib is to implement the hardware-independent parts of the standard C library and rely on few low-level system calls that must be implemented with the target hardware in mind.

I compiled Newlib with the CodeSourcery ARM compiler for bare-metal targets: Sourcery G++ Lite 2010.09-51. Once the toolchain is installed, the commands I used to download compile Newlib are:

The “--disable-newlib-supplied-syscalls” option is necessary because otherwise Newlib compiles some pre-defined libraries for ARM that are useful in conjunction with debug features…

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