Hello world for bare metal ARM using QEMU

Really great and very detailed series of artistic work on ARM and emulation.

Freedom Embedded

Last time I wrote about writing and debugging bare metal ARM software using the CodeSourcery toolchain. Now I want to exploit QEMU’s emulation of a complete system and create the simplest “Hello world!” example.

The QEMU emulator supports the VersatilePB platform, that contains an ARM926EJ-S core and, among other peripherals, four UART serial ports; the first serial port in particular (UART0) works  as a terminal when using the -nographic or “-serial stdio” qemu option. The memory map of the VersatilePB board is implemented in QEMU in this board-specific C source; from that I note the address where the UART0 is mapped: 0x101f1000. The code that emulates the serial port inside QEMU (here in the source repository) implements a subset of the functionalities of the PL011 Prime Cell UART from ARM; there is a useful technical manual from the ARM info center that describes…

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