Emulating ARM PL011 serial ports

Really great and very detailed series of artistic work on ARM and emulation.

Freedom Embedded

QEMU is able to emulate ARM systems with multiple serial ports, for example the Versatile PB. It has the ability to direct them to many types of host resources such as standard I/O, a pseudo-terminal or a telnet port. I started from my hello world example for bare-metal ARM programs to control three different serial ports. In the Versatile PB manual there’s a section, called Memory Map, that includes the absolute addresses of the mapped peripherals. For example, the UART 0, 1 and 2 interfaces are placed at addresses 0x101F1000, 0x101F2000 and 0x101F3000 respectively. Inside the manual, the programmer’s model for the UART peripherals indicates the ARM PrimeCell UART (PL011) Technical Reference Manual as reference. In the PL011 manual we can find a detailed description of the UART memory mapped registers. From that decription I implemented a C struct that renders easy to use the serial ports. The complete…

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