HP Mini 110-1033CA Battery Replacement

A HP Mini 110-1033CA battery does not get charge anymore. Similar to the previous HP Mini 1030NR, a replacement is searched for.

  • Search for “HP Mini 110 battery replacement” on google, most of the sellers are on amazon.com. A link hosted by HP shows a replacement model is NY220AA. This can be a keyword used for the search. The paper label on the battery says “SPS: 537627-001“, this would be another keyword for the search. The model labels on the battery are “BX06“, “SERIES HSTNN-DB0D“, “55wAh“.
  • Search for “hstnn db0d” on amazon.com turns a battery that is for HP: (BX06), 21RABB283S1P, 21RABB283S2P, 530972-241, 530972-251, 530973-241, 530973-251, 537626-001, 537627-001, 630191-001, 630193-001, BX06, HSTNN-CB0C, HSTNN-CB0D, HSTNN-D80D, HSTNN-DB0C, HSTNN-DB0D, HSTNN-I70C, HSTNN-LB0C, HSTNN-LB0D, HSTNN-XB0C, NY220AA, NY220AA#ABA, NY221AA, NY221AA#UU. Since it contains all the keywords we are looking for, any battery that carries any of these keyworks should work well.
  • The amazon.com search for “hp mini 110 battery 6 cell”:
    • Battery-king 10.80V,4800mAh,Li-ion,Hi-quality Replacement Laptop Battery by Unknown, sold by Bay Valley Parts for $21.58 free shipping, or by ATC for $21.59 with free shipping. Cool. Will try this one.

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