NetBeans Setup and GNU Cross-Toolchain Configuration for ARM Developmen

My previous post showed how to setup for ARM cross development in Eclipse. Similarly NetBeans can easily setup to host ARM development too. Here is how you can do it on a Windows machine.

Late NetBeans on Windows comes with a WinAVR toolchain selection. A search and reading on NetBeans Forums tells me a toolchain is just the collection of flags to be used with the compilation commands, and the commands to build the project. An WinAVR toolchain is an ARM toolchain. Thus we can choose this toolchain and manually setup the real command paths so the NetBeans IDE will run the proper commands with proper flags.

To have it work in Windows, follow these steps.

  • Install a yagarto tools package. Yagarto provides a tools package and a toolchain package. The toolchain is a bear-metal toolchain. Thus it can not do Linux compilation. The tools package includes unix commands like sh, make, cp, rm, … etc, to work with a gnu cross toolchain on Windows. Thus install the yagarto tools first, and add its path to the PATH environment variable.
  • Install a CodeSourcery gnu toolchain. For Linux development, choose the -linux- build. Add the path to the PATH environment variable.
  • Choose local build in NetBeans. Select WinAVR toolchain. Then select the CodeSourcery base path, and manually fill in every gcc, ld, etc tools. The yagarto make should have been populated correctly by NetBeans itself.
  • Build with appropriate makefile and commands, and set the commands to NetBeans.



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