GWT Google Web Toolkit Another Part of the New Web Revolution Here and Now!

It all started with the 2nd top trend from the “Developers Survival Guide” by InfoWorld. JavaScript is not just for JavaScript. The Google Web Toolkit compiles Java code you write into JavaScript that runs inside almost any browser on any platform. CoffeeScript is on top of JavaScript that compiles a shorthand script down to JavaScript. The CoffeeScript spins off a few more trendy languages, including Coco, Parsec-Coffee-Script, and Contracts-Coffee-Script.

Web applications are becoming more and more sophisticated. The plain hand-coded JavaScript no longer suits the need. Structures in the software and in the tools are becoming a must-have. The Google Web Toolkit brings all these good things to the web. The expertise of structured programming learned in Java by many programmers can be reused. No plug-in or software download will be needed. All these things sound too good? Yes, it is going to be a revolution, or already has been a revolution here and now.

Trello is the latest pet of Mr Joel Spolsky. It is a totally horizontal product, hosted only, delivered continuously, not exhaustively tested, work in public, aiming at “Get Big Fast”. The cutting edge technology behind the Trello: MongoDB, WebSockets, CoffeScripts, and Node. In its technology stack (Trello Tech Stack) on client side, it makes use of Backbone.js (client-side MVC), HTML5 pushState, and Mustache (templating language). In its client-side MVC design, it bases on a model held at the client, and an asynchronous process syncs down states from all over the web.

With all these trends, JavaScript is at the very core of this coming software revolution. The way to make JavaScript work cross-platform, is by programming in Java with the Google Web Toolkit!


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