JSON Data Exchange Format for Improved Software Development Productivity

Software productivity after all is about making the job simple for programmers. For one, the data exchanged between software components should be human-readable, machine readable, and automatically generated and consumed.

XML once was supposed to take that role. Unfortunately XML is overly complicated for human. Nowadays, it is JSON.

JSON is a native javascript format. Or more preciously any JSON data is a piece of valid javascript code evaluated easily by the receiving party. Though today rarely a received JSON is evaluated directly for security reason.

Beyond javascript, there is almost always more than one JSON read/write, decode/encode libraries for every programming language. For C++, it is Json-Spirit. For C it is jsoncpp. See the comment in my previous post about MapReduce.

At the very bottom of software development productivity, it is the automation and structure of the software. JSON may play a big role there due to its simplicity and wide adoption.


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