Design by Contract for Embedded Systems on the Web

Design by contract methodology is especially effective for embedded system. I’ve written a short list of links earlier. Now, I wonder, what’s more out there on the web?

A quick search for “design by contract embedded” turns up a few interesting links:

  • Design by Contract – Automatic Debugging. As software developers we all know debugging accounts for a significant portion of the whole development process. By automating this part, the productivity improvement can be huge!
  • And this one, Design by Contract for Embedded Software, is more a how-to article. It describes mainly the use of template, assertion and exception as a contract-programming technique. For C++ programmers, of course. If you are careful like me, you may have noticed the web site is built by Drupal.

There are more interesting stuffs in the search result… I’ll describe some of them at a later time. Keep tuned!


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