WiFi Books

Connect802 has a list of recommended books about WiFi at varied technology width and depth:

  • Troubleshooting Campus Networks (Oppenheimer/Bardwell)
    – An excellent 802.11 protocol analysis book according to the web page (read the fine print at the end of the list).
  • Top Down Network Design (Oppenheimer)
    – A “must have” for network designers, administrators, and system engineers.
  • Wireless Communications (Rappaport)
    – It’s about wireless technology.
  • Network Analysis and Troubleshooting (Haugdahl)
    – The author invented NetSense artificial intelligence expert system. The book is solely about Ethernet.
  • Cisco Networking Simplified (Doherty/Maggiora)
    – A concept book for beginners.
  • Wireless Local Area Networks (Bing)
    – An assembly of deep articles written by industry experts.
  • Certified Wireless Network Engineer Study Guides (Planet 3 Wireless)

Read the list if you have time.


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