Install Fedora 16 Linux to HP Mini Netbook Without CD

HP Mini comes without a CD drive. Installing without burning a CD would be the best method of installation.

Last time I installed Fedora 11, I downloaded the LiveCD, booted into it, then created a bootable USB stick and installed from the USB stick.

After some reading on the web, I found the newer Fedora 16 release can be installed without burning a CD. Here is the step by step instructions:

  1. Download a “boot.iso” from a Fedora release mirror, e.g.
  2. Put the image to a USB stick with “dd if=boot.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=8M”. Substitute “sdc” with your USB stick device name. Note that do not use partition name e.g. “sdc1” instead.
  3. Boot from the USB stick. Make sure you have a network connection, then the Fedora installer will download package information over the net. Select packages from the list and install.

It’s that easy!

If your netbook have all 4 partitions preoccupied by HP, read my earlier post for how to create more logic partitions for Linux installation.

Here is the general instruction of using “dd” command on Fedora wiki site, and the Fedora 16 specific instruction on the doc site. Notice the general instruction says “this method also works with … boot.iso images”, the Fedora 16 specific information explains why you can use boot.iso. Earlier on the page it mentions using “mkdosfs -F 32 -n usbstick /dev/sdc1” to format the partition, that’s for a normal USB stick not a bootable stick.

Note that you may need to reformat the USB stick after the installation so it can be used as a normal USB drive again. For example, my USB stick before the process had a metrics of “1008cyc/63head/62sec” and the 1st partition has a sector start/end/id = 62/3941653/6. After putting on the boot image, it becomes something with weird parameters. After the installation, I’ll repartition it back to the original type and geometry to make is usable again as a normal USB drive.


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