DocsPal – Free Online File Converter and Viewer

I once had some drawings that I would like to covert to jpeg so that I can email them to friends. The trouble part is that I do not have a fully loaded computer to convert the file format. Then DocsPal did the work. A few other times I had downloaded some .rar files but did not have the unrar installed. Again, it’s DocsPal that did the work. Yet another time I exported my mobile phone bills from web to xls format, unfortunately OpenOffice can not open them correctly. Yet again, I used DocsPal to convert them to xlsx format and everything is ok.DocsPal is a very useful and reliable online service.

(Text below copied and pasted from TechersFirst Review – DocsPal).

This site is an online file conversion site, easy to use and reliable. The service is totally free, and no registration is required. Convert files to or from pdf, html, jpeg and countless other options. You simply upload the desired file; select what to convert to, and presto! You can then opt to download the file (Right-click and Save Target as or Save link As) or have the download link emailed to a designated address.

In the Classroom

Refer students to this tool if they research and come up with pdf’s they would like to alter (with appropriate credit, of course!). The tool is also useful for creating pdfs from docs, since the recipient will not be able to change the pdf easily. This helps when creating a resume, for example. Converting image files allows you to use them where only one file type is permitted (and your original is the wrong type!). Demonstrate the use of this site on an interactive whiteboard or projector. Have students try out this site on individual computers at school or at home. Be sure to include this link on your class website or wiki for students to access both in and outside of class as needed. Parents will appreciate this tool, too!



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