Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Unity Setup

Ubuntu 11.10 gets a new desktop called Unity. It’s still in its infancy thus a few tweaks will be needed if you are new to this desktop environment like most people are.

First thing, install “classicmenu-indicator“. Without this, you’ll have a hard time to find out where all the applications are. As a minimum, you can quickly get to Software Center where you can install more packages.

Another two things useful: Install “dconf-tools” and use it to configure systray notification to allow ‘all‘ programs to send notifications to the systray. And install “compizconfig-settings-manager” to configure desktop parameters. Both can be get to from Software Center.

For more insightful tweaks, check out this blog about things to tweak.

[update 2011-11-14] As someone commented, installing “gnome-shell” will bring it back to the familiar gnome desktop environment. Thus you don’t really need to install the “classicmenu-indicator”. Just start “software-center” and install “gnome-shell” from the GUI.


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2 Responses to Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop Unity Setup

  1. Tobias Mann says:

    Actually Unity has been around since Ubuntu 10:10 netbook edition so its been around for over a year. I ditched Unity for Gnome-Shell in Ubuntu 11:10 as It didn’t work as well. You can check out my post on coming back to Ubuntu, here You might find it interesting.

  2. tbbq says:

    install gnome-shell, the old desktop will come back up. that’s all you need.

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