Program CT6A Remote Control Transmitter – or T6A TX

FS-CT6A is a popular 6-channel RC TX sold by a few vendors. It’s really cheap because it makes max use of an embedded processor for flexibility. Almost every feature can be programmed or changed in some way.

The easiest or best programming application for non-Apple users is the DigitalRadio by Stefano Grassi. To save the setting into files or load them back from files, you need to pay $2 to get a registered version. This app’s GUI design is very clean and intuitive. Follow the instructions on its web site to install and run on Windows. If you prefer a Linux host like I do, you may either install a pre-built mono package for your Linux distro, or build mono and run DigitalRadio following my instructions on github. (Update Aug 10: on Linux this mono+DigitalRadio package hangs the whole user interface from time to time. Thus it is not a very stable solution. Not sure how it works on Windows. Given this, the Turborix.exe on a Windows inside a virtual machine is the preferred solution for Linux.)

The cleanest GUI that I’ve seen is the Turborix Configurator for MacOS by Dave Mitchell. From the GUI I deduce that the functioning of the app must be slick too. Though never have a chance to try.

For an average hobbyist probably it’s easier to use the Turborix.exe (see alt 3). It’s a two part combo. You download and install the AtEasy software package, but you don’t use it directly. Then unzip the Turborix package and run turbox.exe from it, that will use AtEasy as a driver. For this package, everything is more like a normal Windows software. No fancy or tricky building or setup process.

The very original old configuration software on Windows is called t6config.exe. Almost all the other packages try to be able to import or export files in the format that t6config supports. You can always use this program, though the design is a bit not very user-friendly.

Here for convenience I copy and paste a list from DigitalRadio of the compatible model names

  • – HobbyKing HK-T6A
  • – FlySky FS-CT6A
  • – Turborix TBXT6
  • – Exceed RC FS-CT6A
  • – Storm ST-06TX
  • – CopterX CX-CT6A
  • – Jamara FCX 6

Edit 2014-12-19:

[1] Someone comments on stackoverflow that you need to install vb runtime:

sudo apt-get install mono-vbnc
mono DigitalRadio.exe

[2] And another trick about the path access denied to “/etc/mono/registry” on stackoverflow says you need to manually create the directory and grant the permission. The same applies to the path “/usr/share/DigitalRadio” too.


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4 Responses to Program CT6A Remote Control Transmitter – or T6A TX

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  2. Hi, I’m the developer of Digital Radio, thanks for your report. Can you tell me the distribution you have used to test my software ? I’ve tested my application only on Ubuntu Desktop 10.10.
    Now I’m working to port it also on Android (demo version already available).

    On Windows the application is ok, with more than 1900 registered users 🙂
    Instead no success on Mac with mono, it doesn’t work.

    • Hi, Stefano, The Digital Radio I tried is 1.0.3. The Linux distribution it hangs with is Ubuntu 11.04. Also tested it on Fedora 14 with a mono built locally under a user account. Actually initially I noticed another issue: Sometimes it does not update the UI properly, so that you need to hover the mouse over its window area to get it running properly. A bit annoying but ok. Then later I found the Digital Radio or mono hangs that I have to ssh in to kill it. It may just be a mono problem, not necessary a problem in your software. Given these issues, your application is still very well designed. A great work!

      • Hi,
        thank you for your compliments 🙂 I think it’s a mono issue, because on Windows the software works in the right way: no problem about the refresh of the forms.
        However I think that the mono developing group did a great job, the same exe file on Windows and Linux is a great result.
        It’s a pity that on Mac the mono package has not the same serial support as on Linux.

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