A Perfect Tablet for $200

With an perfectly legal software fix, a $200 Nook can be turned into a perfect tablet. Here is the original article by Brett Arends on WSJ, and the instructions of how-to. Yes, perfectly legal, but doing it may void the warranty and may turn your Nook into a brick instead a useful tablet.


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2 Responses to A Perfect Tablet for $200

  1. randomblame says:

    A pandigital 6″ ereader: (http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/33762-initial-inspection-of-firmware/)

    So I’m looking through the firmware and I see a few bits of info:
    board: SMDK2416
    bootloader: Uboot

    It definately contains busybox and a linux kernel.
    To extract rootfs.img rename it to rootfs.cpio.bz and extract both layers and you’ll see everything there 😀

    It looks like it’s protected when you reflash by an md5 sum so if you want to make changes be sure to change the md5sum in checksum.md5 to match your new rootfs.img

    also I see it borrows a few android componants

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