Node.js Server Setup on Nodester

Server setup on is a bit more trickier than Duostack. You need to request for a coupon by a command line request with curl.

In addition, you also need to setup node and npm on you local machine. The coupon I got instructs me to install a nodester command by npm.

Then following the steps in the coupon email, the node crashed in the middle of initializing the sample application, after it set up remote git and cloned repo. I had to manually commit to local repo, then manually push to the server. Aside from the little glitch, the functioning is very similar to the duostack setup. It looks the nodester command gives you more control than duostack. That’s why it is not stable yet. Anyway the coupon email says you should expect it to crash, a lot!

Best of all, nodester now allow you to run as many applications as possible. I believe the storage is also close to unlimited.


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