Node.js The New Web Revolution is Here and Now

I bumped into this very new technology because it’s holding a top places on github. Javascript for writing server code, very odd. Even more odd it’s for the performance! An evening of searching and reading turned up interesting views. A revolution, that’s all I have to say! Why?

  • One of the reason is that it breaks down the silos between developers. Usually developers are pigeon-holed into specific roles, and it’s hard to get developers to pitch in to help other teams.
  • The entry barrier is low due to the popular less-hacker-ish javascript language. See “Why Everyone Is Talking About Node“.
  • The resource footprint is small due event-driven programming model. For example, Apache serves one request with 8M memory, while node.js uses 8k.
  • Performance is becoming a big issue due to popularity of new web based services. The server needs to be really fast and easy to scale.
  • And it is totally free.
  • Finally, it is module-based development rather than the more traditional framework. See “Are Modules, Rather Than Frameworks, the Future of JavaScript Development?” for the trend.

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