User Mode LAMP – Apache, MySQL, PHP in User Land Without Root Permission

It always feels disturbing when a Linux package needs the root permission to install or to run. Most of the times it is possible to get around the root by installing from the source. Sometimes, the vendor does provide you with the ability to install under a user account. That’s the case with skype – that you install the static binary, with firefox – you install the tar.gz binary, with sun JDK – you install the .sh version, and netbeans – you install the .zip package.

I want to run a webserver to test out how AJAX and REST work. But don’t want to install the packages for the whole system. There is a package called XAMPP that does almost exactly what I want, only that it will need a root permission to install. In the end I went the traditional approach: install it from the source.

And it works! I wrote this makefile to share with those who also want to do the same thing. Help yourself! The eventual goal is to build a binary that can be installed from a user account. We’ll be there.


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