What the Bubble Got Right – Navigating Through the Sea of Thoughts

Navigating Through the Sea of Thoughts

Paul Graham was referred to as a “thought pioneer”. A site is going even further in that direction (at least, appearing to be): it generates a map of the connections among the thoughts of Graham’s. I’ve read some of Graham’s articles in isolation with each others in the past, now with aid from this map am getting a better idea how they form a bigger picture. A bright bigger picture.

From this map, I randomly picked out one article that looked interesting. That’s a good pick, and turns out to be an exciting adventure. Not only the article itself is worth reading, but the way of navigating through ideas is also being proved effective. Where is the next start-up for this trend?

Let’s see what the article tells.

What the Bubble Got Right

  1. Ratail VC. IPO with no earning is simply retail VC. There is a market for it.
  2. The Internet genuinely is a big deal, it will have great effects. But most of the winners will only indirectly be internet companies.
  3. Choices. The internet is all about giving choices to nerds: a channel of nearly zero cost. If you want to build the best stuff, go build it, and the customers will come.
  4. Youth. Some youths are ready to change the world, practically.
  5. Informality. Dressing informally and doing things informally is the power of the internet age.
  6. Nerds. For people working hard on substance matters, spending less energy to socialize, this is a good news: you are still needed.
  7. Options are still a good idea because they are fair and they work.
  8. Startups. It makes the guys developing the technology more accountable, because they only get paid if they build the winner.
  9. California. The sunny state, in all means.
  10. Productivity. In the coming years or centuries there will be a huge increase in productivity. Or more precisely, a huge increase in variation in productivity. The companies of the future may be surprisingly small.

Read the original article to understand the thoughtful supporting details and judge it by yourself. A truly amazing article, I think.

Link to the map: http://www.solipsys.co.uk/new/PaulGrahamEssays.html


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