Useful Firefox Addons – Improve Your Daily Internet Experience

A big problem in many web pages is information overload. To enhance and simplify your daily internet life with Firefox, these are the essential addons you should use:

  1. Firebug. It’s been mostly useful when printing a page – delete the ugly elements from its DOM browser, like the huge company logos, big banners, unnecessary menus and table of contents, etc. It’s also useful for finding out the annoying elements that’s often coming from some web sites – find the url to those elements then add the entry to Adblock to eliminate the annoyance forever.
  2. Adblock plus. Use it if you don’t want to see the ads on many sites. Or simply you don’t like some common annoying elements from some sites you visit often.
  3. Flashblock. You need this because often a flash consumes too much processor power and slows down the whole computer. On the space for a flash, it shows a button instead. You press the button and the flash will start play. With this addon, you’ll be amazed to see how many flashes some web page contains. Sometimes they are just too many, that’s why so many web pages slowdown your computers so badly.
  4. Firefox Sync. Keep a synchronization of bookmarks and preferences on any computer you use. The only inconvenient part of this addon is that you need to know both a password and an encryption key on every computer you use it. The password part is ok, but the encryption key is very long thus making your life a little bit harder. I need to figure out where the key is saved and how it can be shared on multiple computers.

If you are interested in seeing how the security certificates in your browser change over time, try these: Certificate Patrol, Certificate Watch, Cert View Plus.

Here is a link to 7 essential firefox addons. Namely the addons are: Clipmarks, Deepest Sender, ScribeFire, Adsense Notifier, Greasemonkey, Load Time Analyzer, KGen. I personally have not used all of them, but they look to be a reasonable list of choices.


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